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Learn Basic and Intermediate Regenerative Medicine Injection Skills at Your Own Pace and Place
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Purchase specific didactic procedure videos that can be viewed prior to taking our hands-on courses for all Level 1 Basic and Level 2 Intermediate core injection skills courses.

To qualify to use the home-study videos, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Attest to the pre-requisites for course skill level.
  2. Complete an onsite hands-on cadaver course within 12 months of your video purchase.

If you qualify, you can purchase specific didactic procedure videos to review prior to taking all Level 1: Basic and Level 2: Intermediate core injection skills courses.

  • Learn more than 63 different procedures in all body parts (advanced videos not available for purchase).
  • Purchase a specific procedure video or set of videos before taking the course.
  • Attend an onsite hands-on cadaver course within 12 months of your video purchase to get your certification and credit toward the course registration fee.


  • We are non-profit—all courses are tax-deductible.
  • We are 100% focused on Interventional Orthopedics.
  • Our courses are performed in a real medical setting with skilled instructors and support staff.
  • We offer a competency-based curriculum.
  • All our Cadaver Labs are CME accredited.

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