Prerequisites & Details

We continually strive to make our courses practical, hands-on, and engaging.

General Prerequisites

To take an IOF course, you must be an M.D. or D.O. with one of the following musculoskeletal specialties:

  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Family Practice (with the completion of a Sports Fellowship)
  • Interventional Spine (Anesthesiology or PMR),
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Interventional Radiology (accepted only with significant hands-on examination experience)
  • Neurology (with a separate pain board and/or proof of training in interventional spine)
  • Please contact IOF prior to registering if you don’t fall into one of these specialties

Course Level Prerequisites

There are two main ways that you can satisfy course prerequisites.

  1. Attest to completing a relevant clinical experience (e.g. 20 knee/hip injections under guidance).
  2. Attest to completing prior course work or a clinical experience that is equivalent.
  3. To attend advanced level courses, you must have completed corresponding basic course. IOF has a test out process for physicans who have a skill set that exceeds the basic level.

*You must have completed the prerequisite requirements within the last two years to ensure that your knowledge is current. Contact us if you’re not sure whether your clinical experience or previous course studies satisfy the prerequisites for your preferred course.

Advanced Spine*

  • Interventional spine experience in fluoro and/or ultrasound guided epidurals and facet injections
  • Attestation of having accessed the transforaminal epidural space
  • Performed 50 cases each in the lumbar spine

*For advanced courses, you will be asked to demonstrate your experience to your instructor. If your instructors feels you do not meet the prerequisite, you will be withdrawn from the course (registration fee is non-refundable).

Biologics and interventional procedures are changing the way care is being delivered. With our courses that teach the newest techniques you can quickly become an expert in your field.

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