A Patient’s Guide to Cell Based Therapy in Orthopedics


The Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation (IOF) was founded on the idea that the future of medicine is regenerative. 

Interventional Orthobiologic medicine focuses on precise injection of orthobiologics under image guidance. These regenerative biologic treatments, like adult stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma, require a level of expertise to perform. 

IOF provides CME-accredited training to help physicians learn everything from simple to advanced injection skills. Armed with these skills, IOF members are able to change the lives of their patients, offering pain relief, restored functionality and improving patients’ quality of life. 

It is crucial that patients interested in this innovative treatment understand the difference between evidence-based orthobiologic treatments and unproven treatments. Many bad actors promote ineffective and potentially harmful treatments, making it paramount that patients carefully research potential procedures and their physician’s credentials. 

IOF maintains a database of member physicians for patients to connect with. We are pleased to share this helpful guide regarding the safe and effective use of stem cells for orthopedic conditions. This guide was created by IOF Member Christopher Rogers of San Diego Orthobiologics Medical Group.

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