Our Member of the Week blog introduces you to our fellow level members, showcasing their unique work and commitment to IOF. We feature different fellows who have made extraordinary contributions to the field of Interventional Orthopedics.

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Meet Dr. Ryan Szepiela

Pairing the orthobiologics techniques that IOF teaches with other treatments can be a game changer for patients. Our latest member of the week, Dr. Ryan Szepiela, pairs regenerative medicine techniques with other therapies to provide a comprehensive treatment plan to patients. 

Dr. Szepiela is dedicated to a conservative approach to treatment. He is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, sports medicine and has a specialized interest in spinal intervention. He is certified by the Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation in advanced spine orthobiologic injections. 

Currently, Dr. Szepiela practices in a musculoskeletal and spine clinic, as well as a sports medicine clinic. He uses a comprehensive treatment plan, including physical therapy, medication, joint and spine injections and regenerative medicine treatments. He is also the head team physician of the Toledo Mud Hens, Lourdes University and associate team physician at the University of Toledo.


Q&A with Dr. Szepiela


IOF: How has IOF impacted you the most?

IOF has done an amazing job with bringing together expert physicians and top researchers to provide information that allows clinicians to stay up to date with the most current treatments in biologics and insight into the future of biologics.  

IOF courses and conferences have helped my practice to grow and continually stay up to day with colleagues in the U.S. and also learn from physicians from other countries. 

IOF: What are you most proud of?

As a physician I am most proud when I am able to help patients who otherwise would have had to live in pain and have significant limitations in their ability to function and live their lives to the fullest.  The use of biologics in my practice has given my patients treatment options and results that would not be possible for them without regenerative medicine treatments. As a person, I am most proud of being a father to my three boys– watching and helping them grow and learn is more than I can ask for or deserve. 

IOF: What is your advice for others wanting to get into regenerative medicine?

The best advice that I have is do your research and receive the appropriate training prior to starting any treatments or patient care.  As with anything else that is considered new in medicine, there are a large amount of imposters and falsehoods out there to be found on social media and in advertising. 

It is also important to understand your anatomy and how the body functions as one unit. Treating the entire joint or spinal area is necessary to obtain long term results.  IOF is a great place to start your journey in learning regenerative medicine and to be able to continue to stay up-to-date on the newest research and procedures.