Our Member of the Week blog introduces you to our fellow level members, showcasing their unique work and commitment to IOF. We feature different fellows who have made extraordinary contributions to the field of Interventional Orthopedics.

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Get to know Dr. Paul Lieber 

Today our IOF Member of the Week series is headed to The Steel City to introduce you to Dr. Paul Lieber of Regenexx Pittsburgh! 

Dr. Lieber is a native of Pittsburgh who has dedicated his medical career to treating individuals who are experiencing spinal axis and musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. He holds board certification in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Electrodiagnostic medicine, and pain medicine.

With an extensive knowledge of regenerative medicine, Dr. Lieber is an expert in performing regenerative orthopedic procedures such as musculoskeletal stem cell procedures, PRP and Prolotherapy. He also specializes in interventional spinal procedures. 

He has trained pain fellows, residents, and medical students in the approaches to Interventional Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine, pain treatment and musculoskeletal impairment locally. He has served as an international professor instructing and mentoring physicians around the world. Since 1995 he has successfully and effectively performed over 30,000 procedures. He is currently serving as a board member and is a past president of the American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine (AAOM).  Dr. Lieber has been recognized as one of Pittsburgh’s “Best Doctors” by Pittsburgh Magazine four years in a row.

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Q&A with Dr. Lieber

IOF: What do you treat most frequently with regenerative medicine?

My most frequent area of treatment is spine. I feel very proficient in all areas of the spine having an Interventional spine background and having taken all of the SIS courses before the IOF existed. I hold board certification in Pain Medicine, as well.

IOF: Who are your biggest mentors in regenerative orthopedics and why? 

My mentors in the field are quite varied. I think that Dr. Centeno is my most important mentor. Through his training in the IOF, Regenexx and the AAOM, he has had the most profound influence on my career. I truly feel that without his guidance, I would still be in the dark ages of Regenerative medicine. 

Other mentors are Drs. Brian Shiple and Mayo Friedlis who are members and current and Past President of the AAOM. I have spent hundreds of hours with both of them and their training, but more importantly, their personal guidance and friendship have been invaluable.

IOF: How has IOF impacted you?

I think that the educational component is top notch. Everything from the conferences, lectures, cadaver workshops and ability to learn from the instructors one-on-one is fantastic! 

The educational videos are so important to me to be able to return to time and time again when planning and staging my procedures. Ultimately, the IOF has enabled me to continue to grow and develop as an Interventional Orthopedist. Learning new things and not stagnating in this ever changing field is what keeps it interesting, fulfilling and enjoyable for me. I continue to strive to improve to better help my patients and avert any plans to retire.