IOF Member Of The Week:  Dr. Matthew Hyzy

It’s time for us to share another new IOF Member of the Week blog with you! This week, we are excited to feature longtime IOF member and instructor, Dr. Matthew Hyzy. Dr. Hyzy is Board Certified and fellowship trained in Interventional Orthopedics. He is published in the use of Autologous Orthobiologics including platelet derived growth factors and mesenchymal stem cells for orthopedic and spinal conditions.  Dr. Hyzy continues to promote the field in patient outcomes and research. 

In addition to providing clinical training for other physicians by serving as a clinical instructor, Dr. Hyzy is also a member of our curriculum committee that sets the curriculum to create a guided pathway for members to become experts in Interventional Orthopedics.

Meet Dr. Matthew Hyzy 

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Get to Know Dr. Hyzy

IOF: How has IOF impacted you the most? 

Dr. Hyzy: IOF has helped me build fellowship with other physicians in a learning environment during clinical cadaver procedure courses.

IOF: Who are your biggest mentors in regenerative medicine and why?  

Dr. Hyzy: Dr. Dave Harris in Austin, Texas who gave me initial exposure and procedural skill set during residency. I’d also like to recognize my partners Dr. Chris Centeno and Dr. John Schultz who have further mentored me to increase my skill set and expand both the research and clinical applications of Interventional Orthopedics. 

IOF: What do you treat most frequently with regenerative medicine? 

Dr. Hyzy: Axial spinal disorders and lumbar DDD; as well as peripheral joint osteoarthritis with ligamentous and tendinopathy.  I have a special interest in CMC thumb OA and median mononeuropathy at the wrist.

IOF: What do you like the best about the IOF conference?  

Dr. Hyzy: The collaboration between all physician specialties and researchers to better understand how to serve patients safely and ethically while providing the most advanced care. 

IOF: Tell us about your pro-bono work and other interesting work you have been doing lately. 

Dr. Hyzy: Recently, I have been working with an Army special forces veteran in Colorado that I was connected to through the Veterans in Pain organization. Through the amazing power of regenerative medicine, he no longer needs surgical fusion for the time being. 

I see level one trauma hospital patients for consultations for spine and PMR, along with level one trauma in house PMR inpatient rehab admissions to do my part to take care of severe injured pts after CV

IOF: Of what are you most proud of?  

Dr. Hyzy: In my personal life; being a father to my children and husband to my wife. Professionally; serving as an instructor for IOF, educating other physicians and contributing to publishing research on orthobiologics. 

IOF: What is your best advice for others wanting to get into regenerative medicine? 

Dr. Hyzy: Attend the annual IOF course and procedure workshops. 

IOF: Which IOF course is your favorite? 

Dr. Hyzy: I love the basics course since it gives me the opportunity to educate and excite other physicians on the journey to offer regenerative medicine to their patients. 

IOF: How has IOF helped shape and advanced your career?  

Dr. Hyzy: IOF has helped advance my work in numerous ways including networking with other physicians and medical device companies to improve safe delivery and access to care. Additionally, the opportunity to teach other physicians has been incredibly; it always sharpens my skill set and provides additional experience for me to draw upon. 

IOF: Where do you see the field of regenerative medicine going in the next five years? 

Dr. Hyzy: The field is exploding with new basic science research; better treatment algorithms; co-treatment between surgeons and interventionalists. 

IOF: What do you most look forward to when attending an IOF event? 

Dr. Hyzy: I look forward to the annual conference showcasing the emerging research, clinical applications, collaboration, opportunities for new medical device technological development, and for the information that is provided to keep all physicians and researchers abreast of the ever changing landscape of FDA regulations. 

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