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IOF Member Of The Week:  Dr. Matt Lucas

Today we are excited to sit down with our latest IOF Member of the Week, Dr. Matt Lucas to discuss the future of regenerative medicine, his mentors and more! IOF is fortunate to have Dr. Lucas as one of our expert instructors sharing his knowledge of interventional orthobiologics techniques. 

Dr. Lucas is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and completed a fellowship at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic where he developed an expertise in regenerative orthopedics. 

He has served as a chairman for the Interventional Orthobiologic Foundation where he helped establish ethics standards for biologics use in orthopedics. He also serves on the board of the Denver Osteopathic Foundation. 

Dr. Lucas has completed extensive training in advanced image guidance including musculoskeletal ultrasound and fluoroscopy and offers a wide range of interventional treatment options to his patients including advanced orthobiologic treatments, as well as emerging neuromodulation techniques for pain management.

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IOF: How has IOF impacted you the most?  

Dr. Lucas: IOF has created an expansive network of like-minded physicians and experts in orthobiologics from around the world which has allowed me to further my expertise and stay up-to-date on the best evidence and new ideas. It creates a valuable forum for these important voices and provides an educational framework for what has become an emerging subspecialty of orthopedics. 


IOF: Who are your biggest mentors in regenerative orthopedics and why? 

Dr. Lucas: My biggest mentors are Chris Centeno, MD and Philippe Hernigou, MD.  

Dr. Centeno is an encyclopedia of orthobiologic knowledge but most importantly, taught me that the advancement of any field of medicine requires pioneers and risk takers. He encourages thinking outside the box and that is something I use every day.  

It seems like every year Dr. Hernigou is furthering the evidence base for orthobiologics and the important role of bone marrow derived cells in tissue healing. His research has not only paved the way for the use of bone marrow products as a treatment for many orthopedic conditions but also its role in improving surgical outcomes.  


IOF: Where do you see the field of regenerative orthopedics going in the next five years?  

Dr. Lucas: I think we will see several major advancements in regenerative orthopedics five years from now. I believe that based on the increasing use of registries and outcome tracking, best practice standards will be developed for the use of PRP and BMC. I think this will allow physicians to more appropriately dose a biologic and provide more consistent and predictable outcomes for our patients. 

In addition, I think that there will be many advancements in our understanding of synovial fluid inflammatory markers and their role in progression of osteoarthritis. With this understanding, we may ultimately be able to tailor small molecule biologic treatments to our individual patients and slow the progression of arthritic disease.