Our Member of the Week blog introduces you to our fellow level members, showcasing their unique work and commitment to IOF. We feature different fellows who have made extraordinary contributions to the field of Interventional Orthopedics.

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IOF Member Of The Week:  Dr. Jason Markle

Our next member of the week isn’t just a valued member– he’s also one of IOF’s expert instructors! Today we are excited to introduce you to Dr. Jason Markle, an Osteopathic physician, boarded in PM&R and fellowship trained in Interventional Orthopedics. At the Centeno Schultz Clinic, Dr. Markle treats both sports and spine injuries, with a focus on optimizing orthobiologics use while abandoning traditional corticosteroid based practice. 

Meet Dr. Jason Markle 

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Centeno Schultz Clinic

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Get to know Dr. Jason Markle 

IOF: What do you like the best about the IOF conference?

Dr. Markle: Any physician considering orthobiologics needs to be at every IOF conference! When starting to use biologics, questions naturally arise, such as:

  • Who should I treat?
  • How should I treat them? 
  • What biologics should I use?  

IOF does a fantastic job at bringing together expert clinicians combined with top researchers from around the globe in one great conference to get to the bottom of these questions.  

In addition to reviewing current evidence in support for or against the use of various conditions, experts present novel techniques, early clinical data on many issues they are currently working on. 

For example – the idea of treating intra-osseous for arthritic conditions was presented many years ago and recently more concrete long-term clinical data by Dr. Hernigou shows this as the best treatment option for long-term success in knee arthritis trying to avoid TKA! 

The IOF conference is where you learn current best practices for biologics and insight into the future of biologics! Plus, the hands-on cadaver training is hands down the best courses around in training advanced interventional procedures


IOF: Of what are you most proud of?

Dr. Markle: Many patients come to me with complex histories of failed treatments from multiple medical practices, some well-known and highly regarded institutions.  I am proud of the fact that my education in both my fellowship and through IOF has given me the tools needed to critically evaluate these patients, understand the underlying issues surrounding their pain and create a comprehensive treatment plan designed to address underlying issues to help current symptoms and to prevent recurrence. Many times, I am successful where many others have failed because of my training and approach we take with each patient


IOF: Where do you see the field of regenerative medicine going in the next 5 years?

Dr. Markle: This is an exciting time to be in orthopedics/sports medicine.  Currently, many academic institutions (both non-surgical and surgical specialties) are coming to the realization that orthobiologics use for many common injuries/conditions may be better than current “standard of care – corticosteroid based treatment”.  

Because of this, these institutions will put forth more funding into the development / research of biologics, further advancing the knowledge base of biologics. IOF has established itself as the clinical standard for educating providers in best interventional practices with biologics, so going forward IOF is situated to be the number one organization putting the research and clinicians together without industry bias!