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A Letter from Dr. Charles Lee 

This week we are excited to feature a letter from our IOF Member of the Week, Dr. Charles Lee covering his experience with IOF and our courses. We are thankful to have such a talented and dedicated member in Dr. Lee! IOF and the subspecialty of interventional orthobiologics need dedicated and skilled members, like Dr. Lee, to continue transforming the future of medicine! 

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Dear IOF colleagues,

My mission and passion are helping people, to that end, my interest in regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy became consuming in 2007. I spent the ensuing years eagerly learning the fundamentals of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy while practicing anesthesiology. Finally, I founded Regenesis in 2014 and committed to regenerative medicine in the firm belief that cellular therapy may improve many musculoskeletal disease processes.

Applying regenerative knowledge and performing intraarticular injections is essential, but it is impossible to offer the highest level of care without advanced injections skills. My guided pain management injection skills as an anesthesiologist, while beneficial, were insufficient. The Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation offers superior ultrasound and fluoroscopically image-guided advanced injection skills training. Close is not good enough.

I look forward to the February IOF MAX Experience, mostly repeating advanced knee and hip. It will be interesting to see if the emphasis has changed since Philippe Hernigou’s most recent publication highlighting the benefit of adding intraosseous subchondral bone marrow replenishment. It is an integral part of my practice, and I’m sure techniques have advanced.

Attending these courses once may not be good enough.

Without these skills, you’re relying on hope and prayer. While prayer is essential, we must continuously improve our skill sets or be left behind. Having a network of like-minded and passionate physicians such as Dr. Buford, Dr. Centeno, and Dr. Hyzy to name just a few is also crucial. 


Charles Lee, M.D.