As presented at the First Annual Interventional Orthopedics Foundation Conference on October 23rd, here is a link to view our latest research poster “In Vitro Evaluation of Injectable, Placental Tissue-Derived Products for Orthopedic Applications”. This scientific poster was presented by Dustin Berger, IOF Research Scientist, who offered discussion on his current research, results, and methodologies. The IOF Conference provided a unique opportunity for the attendees to inquire about recent research relevant to interventional orthopedics.


In summary:

  • We tested multiple types of amniotic fluid/ membrane, and one chorionic tissue;
  • None contained any significant viable tissue, certainly no viable stem cells (the one exception was very limited viability of chorionic tissue);
  • These tissues did not help older, human, bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells perform better in culture; and
  • These tissues are able to have a weak growth factor effect on human stem cells, but that effect is likely weaker than common platelet products.