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IOF’s Member of the Week series is headed to the East Coast this week to introduce you to Dr. Robert Kramberg of the Rehabilitation Medicine Center. As an Interventional Orthopedic specialist, he seeks to help patients that want to forgo the risks of surgery, hospitalization, and possible postoperative complications. Dr. Kramberg strives to be inquisitive and continue learning the latest techniques to further the advancement of Interventional Orthopedics. As a former patient, he knows firsthand the benefits of non- invasive, non- surgical techniques.

Get to know Dr. Kramberg

IOF: How has your involvement with IOF impacted you the most?

Dr. Kramberg: IOF has provided a springboard to share techniques and outcomes with my fellow practitioners.

IOF: What do you treat most frequently?

Dr. Kramberg: The patient that I treat most frequently is the orthopedic knee patient that has been told that he or she “needs” surgery. Some surgeons simply ask, “When do you want to schedule the surgery?” without offering alternatives. The reward for me is seeing the patient return to an active, pain free life.

IOF: What are you most proud of in your practice?

Dr. Kramberg: I am most proud of the strides we have made in patient care, evaluations, and treatment. I appreciate receiving positive feedback from patients I have treated, as well as referrals from other providers in the field.

IOF: Where do you see the field of regenerative medicine going in the next 5 years?

Dr. Kramberg: In the next 5 years I expect Interventional Orthopedics to be the first choice of care for educated patients and other medical professionals. Let’s give patients a viable option!